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Currently Inked - April 2021

Two Lamys and two Parkers this month. First up is a Lamy Profil 81 in black makrolon and brushed steel. Perhaps the closest Lamy have gotten to returning to the 2000 for inspiration - the CP1 is the other contender. This piston-filler is fitted with a 14k white gold OBB nib that I find a little tricky to keep aligned to the page. Filled with l'Artistan Pastellier Callifolio Olivastre. Next is a Parker 50 "Falcon" steel flighter, fitted with an integrated medium steel nib and filled with Caran d'Ache Ultra Violet. What a profile! Quite a slim and short pen, but I still find it reasonably easy to hold, perhaps because the taper is so gradual. A little on the dry side, though. In third is a Lamy CP1 in black, fitted with a broad steel nib and filled with Sailor Blue Black. The most elegant of the Lamy nib-holders in my opinion. Very sleek and slender - and another homage to the Lamy 2000. Finally a Parker Vacumatic in the "Golden Pearl" finish - a "major&q

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